Collaborative Practice & Mediation Services, Inc.

Bob will provide one or more professional services including documentation/division of income, expenses, assets and debts; organization of finances; budget development; analysis of earning power; identification of personal vs. marital property; creation of alimony and child support models; Bob presents the tax consequences of any decisions his clients may make – consequences they may not know about.

Smart Divorce Planning, LLC

My practice is all about divorce; I specialize in advising individuals and/or couples on how to successfully navigate their way through the financial planning of divorce.  I also assist attorney’s in negotiations.  I prepare QDRO’s (Qualified Domestic Relations Orders) and consult on dividing pension plans/401ks.
I also do family law medation.

David Zenker, CPA Certified Divorce Financial Analyst

We help clients work through their divorce while retaining the financial resources to get on with their lives. Don’t be a victim, be a victor. To learn more, subscribe to our FREE course at:
Thank you for the opportunity to serve.
David Zenker, CPA, CDFA