Alabama Family Resiliency Center

“Resiliency is the individual’s and family’s ability to cultivate strengths of positively meeting the challenges of life.”  Angela Morrison’s practice is dedicated to assisting individuals and families through the phases of family transition adjustments: grief, establishing and maintaining a single-parent/bi-nuclear family, and regaining an ongoing sense of family.  This is a child-focused model with emphasis on positive youth development, resiliency, and prevention.


Divorce Shrink

Divorce is a traumatic, life-changing event that can give rise to many feelings and complex issues. You may be suffering from feelings of anger, sadness, hopelessness, fear, and loneliness. When individuals learn to manage the hurt and pain caused by the divorce process, they feel better and gain control of their life again.


DIVORCE & CHILD CUSTODY MEDIATION CENTER- Divorce Mediation  - I co-mediate with a Family Law Attorney so clients get the benefit of the psychological as well as the legal expertise; Child Custody Mediation; Parenting Plan Coordinator; Divorce Coach; Separation, Divorce, and Post Divorce Psychotherapy  & Counseling. Mediation is a cooperative rather than combative approach to settling divorce disputes Out of Court.  No court appearances are necessary. All mediations are supportive, caring and confidential. Many cases settled in 1-10 sessions. 80% – 90% less $$$, Time & Stress than a litigated divorce.