The Sophia Women’s Institute

Debra specializes in guiding divorced women through the 5-step process of healing from their divorce.  Working with clients nationwide, Debra empowers clients to heal their painful feelings from divorce, so they are empowered to create a thriving personal life, be the best post-divorce parent they can be, and be able to put their children first with collaborative parenting.

Bay Area Divorce Coach

Bay Area Divorce Coach provides one on one coaching and consulting within Northern California, as well as phone/Skype coaching and consulting throughout the United States.  With over 24 years of divorce coaching experience, Bay Area Divorce Coach is your single best resource for reducing the cost and stress of a divorce, maximizing your divorce outcome in your favor, speeding up your divorce and protecting your children, assets and lifestyle during this difficult transition.  Take advantage of Bay Area Divorce Coach and ‘Win Before You Begin” TM.

Alabama Family Resiliency Center

“Resiliency is the individual’s and family’s ability to cultivate strengths of positively meeting the challenges of life.”  Angela Morrison’s practice is dedicated to assisting individuals and families through the phases of family transition adjustments: grief, establishing and maintaining a single-parent/bi-nuclear family, and regaining an ongoing sense of family.  This is a child-focused model with emphasis on positive youth development, resiliency, and prevention.