The Super Bowl Hoax- Restraining Orders

Restraining Orders are mainly issued because there is a prevailing misconception that men are innately prone to victimizing women, as opposed to the other way around, was started in 1993 and has gained momentum ever since. The concept is known as the Super Bowl Hoax, as assertions claimed that more women were victimized on Super Bowl Sunday than at any other time of the year.

A “Good Morning America” appearance from Lenore Walker reinforced this mindset. Walker is the author of “The Battered Woman,” a read that is largely responsible for “battered woman syndrome.” This is the belief that abusers are always men and that their victims are always women. This assertion assumes this to be true of all men, denying the possibility that men can be victims as well. The claim was later disproved by a scholar named Christina Hoff Sommers.

VAWA and Restraining Orders

But the event ultimately instigated the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA), which is now suspected to be more harmful than beneficial except primarily by left-wing feminists. These women push feminist ideology over pro-family ideals, denying methods that might help such as anti-substance-abuse counseling.

These issues and the aftermath of domestic violence ultimately costs billions of dollars annually. When a woman accuses her male partner of abuse, her word is often taken as truth. This can result in a violation of constitutional rights for the man as his side of the story is often undermined due to a preconceived notion. These families often break up and about 20 billion dollars of taxpayer money is shelled out every year to support the single-parent homes that are left over.

S.A.V.E and Restraining Orders

Right now tax payers pay an average of 100 million dollars each year to fatherless families who depend on welfare. A preferable alternative would be to pro-family solutions that help victims of domestic abuse overcome their problems. This would help in the amount of restraining orders that would get issued.Not only would this save the government money to be better used elsewhere, it would also save thousands of families from fragmenting and struggling for a living. Stop Abusive and Violent Environments (SAVE) is an organization who is taking action to begin this process. Already they have developed numerous and less expensive solutions.

Right now the assumption that the woman is always the victim gives her the benefit of the doubt. With no accountability, there are many who take advantage of the system with the help of this preconceived notion. Some solutions to the problem include requiring proof of abuse in order to identify the true victims. This will help make good use of the monies budgeted to help these individuals.

SAVE has already begun improvements by instigating a program that suspends funds from programs that lack accreditation and legitimacy. This will help decrease the federal deficit as well as provide more help to the true victims of domestic violence abuse. In turn this should minimize the amount of restraining orders that get issued.

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