The Most Expensive Call I Ever Made to My Lawyer

Most of us make mistakes during marriage, what many don’t realize is those mistakes can overflow into a divorce. Take for example what is known as the “expensive call.” The expensive call refers to over-utilizing an attorney, via the telephone, for incidences during the divorce that are not relevant.

These calls can easily cost up to a thousand dollars and are completely unnecessary. Think it can’t happen to you? Take this story as an example. Your ex requests a restraining order and is granted one that in return restricts your time with your children. In turn, you request contact with the children. This request is very specific and entails evening phone calls. The judge grants the request and agrees to phone calls between 6 p.m. and 8 p.m, daily. This appears to be a step in the right direction.

Then chaos strikes. The next day rolls around and at 6 p.m. you call your children, but there is no answer. No matter how hard you try, you cannot reach your ex or the kids. You try the next evening and end up with the same result. You do this for an entire week until finally you are so beside yourself that you call the attorney. This is a big and costly mistake.

The attorney takes the call because that is his job. You pay him to answer the phone. You pay him a lot to answer the phone. After speaking with the attorney, you follow up with an email. He reads and responds to the email because, again, that is what you pay him for. Next, the attorney writes up a very expensive letter describing the situation, the restraining order and asking for resolution.

This letter is delivered to your ex’s attorney. This may feel like progress, and maybe it is, but it is also very expensive.

A few days go by and finally the attorneys speak, which costs more money. During the conversation, the other attorney points out the judge said you could make the call each evening, but that does not mean your ex would have to be available during the established time. In fact, you are the one with a restraining order against you. The end result is no resolution and a very expensive attorney bill for time spent talking on the phone, emailing, and writing the letter.

The key thing to remember in dealing with a lawyer is to always be concise and to the point. Never let your emotions do the talking for you, and optimize your time because ultimately you are paying for it.

The only person who can truly manage your case is you.

By Ron Lasorsa