Taking the Chaos Out of Child Support

According to the Forest Institute of Professional Psychology, each year 50 percent of first marriages end in divorce. A high percentage of marriages that end in divorce involve children. In fact, based on information provided by the United States Census Bureau, nearly 44 percent of custodial mothers and 56 percent of custodial fathers were either divorced or separated in 2003.

For those parents going through a breakup, understanding the divorce process can be daunting. The process entails the division of assets which isn’t an easy task. The room for error is great making professional help during divorce not only ideal but also necessary.

One of the most common mistakes divorcing parents make is over child support. Countless couples fight over child support during divorce wasting both time and money while causing unnecessary heartache. The reason for this is that most states have very specific guidelines that tell you the amount of child support that has to be paid.

In other words, there is nothing to fight over because a predetermined formula provided by the state already is in charge. Still, thousands of Americans spend big money fighting over child support because they don’t know any better.

The truth of the matter is surviving divorce is not easy. Why complicate the situation when certain outcomes are predetermined? With a little research, you can easily clarify what regulations your personal situation falls under in your respective state.

This research can be conducted in a few ways. Perhaps one of the easiest is the use of a child support handbook. Divorce support handbooks provide information about child support all in one easy to access location. A handbook can answer many of the frequently asked questions about every aspect of child support. A handbook also has theguidelines for each state and the specific formulas they use to calculate the payments. Most publications even include a child support calculator. As a parent, all you have to do is choose your state, put in your specific information, and push a button to find out the amount you have to pay.

By conducting a little research or investing in a child support handbook, you can avoid wasting thousands of dollars on unnecessary legal bills later down the line. This is not only better for your wallet, but also helps ease a major woe associated with divorce.

By Ron Lasorsa