No national conversation about divorce?

I found this excellent article on Divorce as it relates to the tragedy at Sandy Hook.

The fact is that the two parent household has always been best for children and divorce has a traumatic effect on children. Given that Adam Lanza had serious issues to begin with it seems that the divorce caused him more pain than most as he did not have normal coping skills that most children do.

The article has many excellent points but this stood out to me the most:

“There is very little public discussion, awareness, or education on the effects of divorce upon the children of divorcees. There may be tons of psychological research done on it, but if so, it hardly penetrates into the public sphere.

In this particular tragedy, several news outlets even combed through the parents’ divorce papers, but missed the elephant in the room. They gleaned all kinds of factual data about the mother and father from those papers, but made no point at all about the impact of the divorce itself.” The article suggests that Adams downward cycle escalated after the divorce. It is an excellent piece and should be read by all