Katie Perry Should Have Used a Mediator Before She Got Married

$20 Million for Russell Brand after Divorce with Katy Perry – No Pre-Nup in place.

Katy Perry’s wealth was estimated by Forbes to be over $40 million. With the absence of a pre-nuptial agreement prior to her marriage to Russell Brand she will be losing approximately half of it to him.

California Laws Regarding Divorce

The couple got married in October of 2010 in California. California law stipulates that divorcees should split their wealth 50/50 and so Russell Brand could be in the money if they indeed did not sign a pre-nuptial agreement. Though the Forbes estimate is at $44 million it may very well be that Katy Perry is worth more than that.

Ms. Katy Perry is most well known currently for her hit single “Fireworks”. Her husband or ex husband Russell Brand is worth an approximate $15 million. They frightened the masses with the announcement of divorce just a few days before the start of the New Year. It is reported that they did not spend Christmas together as they were continuously and relentlessly fighting. The fighting reached the breaking point in December which is when the couple decided that it was best to split and go their separate ways.

There had only been rumors of marital problems prior to their announcement but earlier in December while on the Ellen DeGeneres Show the British Comedian stated that they were just that – mere rumors – and that their marriage was not in any trouble. Now only a couple weeks later the real truth has come to life with the submittal of divorce papers making it official. Brand reportedly told the show host that their fame took away of piece of each of them which he regretted a lot. He had also went on to say that his marriage vows stated that he would married to Perry until death did them part and since he was still alive he had every intention of keeping that solemn pledge.

Brand seemingly has the same positive resolve he had while on the Ellen DeGeneres Show. In an interview with the London Daily Star he stated that he was doing well and was certain that the New Year had a lot in store for him. As for Ms. Perry, there hasn’t been a lot said from her about the matter but the fact still remains that she could be looking at losing millions to her former husband. Now she starts a new year with the thought of losing her hard earned money looming over her shoulders.


Divorce Mediators Can Negotiate Pre-Nuptials


If Katie Perry had used a divorce mediator to arrange the prenuptial before the marriage this would have solved a lot of the problems. Most people turn to divorce mediators after the fact, but a good mediator could have negotiated a solid pre nup before the marriage.  Problems for which may just be starting as it is only in the divorce proceedings that we will all see just how much Russell Brand was able to take her for.

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