How A Divorce Mediator Can Save You Money

A Divorce has many psychological, emotional and financial implications for both spouses. To start with, there is much bitterness and acrimony after the divorce, added to this are the mounting expenses of going through the various proceedings.  A standard divorce scenario involves the husband, the wife and their respective attorneys as the core players involving considerable legal fees.


During the divorce these issues will always have to be worked out:

  • Who is the better fit to gain custody of the child?
  • The division and valuation of the various assets owned by both .This then necessitates calling in experts which escalates the total costs.


What couples going through a divorce don’t understand is that it is their own attitudes, their anger and contentiousness, which drives up the costs of divorce. This anger and hurt emotions renders them unwilling to make practical compromises and thereby drives these litigants into filing too many motions. Even the smallest of issues gets blown out of proportion .The net result of  this is of course a very large legal bills which becomes another point of contention.


What a Divorce Mediator Can Do?

Once the couple has decided on divorce, the focus should be on finalizing the divorce and getting on to the next stage in life with the least emotional and financial impact possible.

Couples who have already hired attorneys and started proceedings can still opt for mediation. For a divorce to be granted, the Family Court needs to be presented with a settlement agreement which typically deals with various issues like the division of property, child custody and visitation rights, parenting plans for the children, child support and alimony settlements. Needless to say, resolving these conflicts are bound to be extremely stressful and disturbing as it is and more so if the litigants are estranged. In these circumstances, mediation offers them a helping hand; wherein they can both meet together with a certified divorce mediator and enlist his help in preparing this agreement.


The mediator can guide them through the various steps with insight, while ensuring that the interests of both the parties are looked after and not compromised.  The divorce mediator acts as a buffer between them, encouraging them to come out with their feelings about the situation in the mediators presence .This provides the couple a safe and trusted communication route without coming to blows .Thus there is no necessity now to engage an attorney till the settlement papers are finalized, and even then only to take these papers to court for approval. This really cuts down on the legal fees for both the parties. Divorce mediators are not necessarily family lawyers, but being one gives you the advantage of necessary information regarding settlements and communicating their implications to the client. Thus going through a divorce mediator will ensure that you get through the divorce with the least emotional and financial strain and pain possible under the circumstances.

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