Help With Restraining Orders and Child Custody

Restraining Order-The Nuclear Option in the Divorce Process

Restraining orders are the ultimate weapon in the divorce process. Unfortunately, many dads and moms know this scenario all too well. This is because restraining orders can be used fraudulently as a way for the other parent to manipulate the court system during the divorce process.

What is a Restraining Order?

A restraining order is an injunction by the court that prevents an individual from acting in a certain manner and restricts access to the person who requested the order. Typically, a restraining order is used for situations of harassment, domestic violence, and stalking.

Unfortunately, it is rather easy for an individual to request a restraining order without proof of harassment. When a parent uses a restraining order against the other parent, he, or she has the ability to restrict access to the children.

Complicating the matter, the accused parents can spend months if not years and thousands of dollars to prove his or her innocence. During this time, the accused parent’s time with the children is limited or non-existent.

As a parent, there are resources available to protect your interests during times of child custody disputes and restraining orders. Help during divorce and restraining orders is imperative to overcoming the situation. Without it, a parent runs the risk of losing complete contact with his or her children.

It is important to understand that lawyers and social workers make the divorce process out to be black magic. They trick parents into leaning on their so-called expert guidance as a means for surviving divorce. This simply is not true. Sure, these experts are helpful, but before turning to them for help, why not consider alternative resources that can save you both time and money.

Restraining Order Help:

There are eBooks available to parents in this situation, you can find one at These books help parents understand the restraining order process and provide specific tips on how to stay out of jail and on the right path during such a difficult time.

Again, help during a divorce is critical to one’s success. However, going into a situation well prepared is unarguably priceless. An online resource such as an eBook will provide you with the knowledge you need to hire a qualified professional to represent you. In addition, such a resource can give you insight on the situation at hand to help you better handle it and to respond in a manner that is beneficial for you and your children.

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