Divorced Mothers and Social Network Sites

Sexual Predators and Divorce

I just came accross this site and found this article: http://www.darndivorce.com/single-moms-on-facebook-and-myspace-warned-about-pre-schooler-pix-online/ that I highly recommend you take a look at.


Social Sites and Children of Divorce

The premise of the article is that the social networks have become the new hunting grounds for pedophiles. Single moms (newly single because they have just been through a divorce) tend to post lots of picture of their kids which allows pedophiles to check out kids in their area. Since the mothers are single, they tend to live  alone without a male in the house and thus are more vulnerable. Make sure if you post anything online, make sure you adjust your privacy setting so that only the people you allow can see those pictures. This is another sad aftermath of divorce, pedophiles who prey on the children of newly single mothers.


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