Divorce and the Affects on Children

Nowadays it’s pretty hard to find anyone who doesn’t know somebody who hasn’t been divorced, is divorced themselves, or is going through divorce. Celebrities divorce every other day and it is only on the rise. While most people get married when they are much older they also expect to live happily ever after. When this doesn’t happen it is time for divorce.

A lot of couples who consider divorce are in denial that it can effect their children in negative ways. But there have been numerous studies to prove that it indeed does have that negative impact.

There was study that was released back in 2002 from the Institute for American Values. That study uncovered that adults who are not happy in their marriage and that got divorced didn’t report any significant psychological improvements when compared to those who stayed married.

This study uncovered that divorce does not give you any magic fixes if you are unhappy or depressed with your life. I believe it is safe to think that this may be because of the financial burden and stress that divorce piles on couples.

Another fact that you might not be aware of is:

Another study from the institure also revealed that from nearly 10 couples surveyed the eight that were able to avoid divorce were still married and happy five years after that. Wow! That’s really something!


Divorce by the numbers

While we are at it… read some more information:

  •  50% of all children in America will see the break down of their parent’s marriage. Of all of these children nearly half of those will also witness their parent’s next marriage fall apart.
  • A lot of people get divorced, remarry without thinking on the underlying cause of why their first marriage fell apart. This is exactly why the divorce rate of the next marriage is most times more than the first.

Some statistics that support the aftermath of what happens to the children of divorce…

  • Early in the 1980′s studies showed that the children of repeat divorces had lower grades than their peers and were also not as nice to deal with.
  • 40% of children that are growing up today in America are being raised without the benefit of their fathers.
  • Teens in that only have 1 parent or have mixed families are much more likely (nearly 3 times as likely) of needed to seek therapy within a year.
  • In comparison to children who live in homes that have been disturbed from death. Than those children who come from homes that have suffered divorce are much more likely to develop psychological problems.

These are truly amazing statistics, aren’t they? Allow me to continue, though. Here are some more very shocking stats on the effects that divorce has on children.

  • Children who live with both of their biological parents are much more likely to be healthy than those who live in divorced homes. Nearly 20 to 35 % more!
  • Victims of most child molestation are from homes with only 1 parent or have drugs present in the household.
  • Children from female run households are ten times more likely to be beaten and or murdered.
  • Studies of children after a divorce of more than six years have revealed that the children tended to be much more unhappy, lonely, insecure, and anxious.
  • The children in a divorce of at least 4 times more likely to have problems with friends and peers that children who’s parents are still together.
  • Boys who are children in a divorce are sometimes much more aggressive towards others than boys of intact families.
  • Children of divorced parents are much more likely to develop some type of developmental defects such as asthma, speech defects, or headaches when compared to children who’s parents are not divorced.
  • Individuals who are from divorced homes are much more likely to commit suicide as opposed to those who had both of their parents while growing up.
  • Children of divorce are also much more inclined to drop out of high school.
  • After divorce many children begin to have many different health related problems.
  • 4 out of 10 children who will be born to married couples will see their parents divorce before they reach adulthood.
These are things that I do hope you will consider before you and your spouse consider divorce as your final decision.

All of these statistics make it abundantly clear that children require loving stable homes where both a dad and a mom are present. Although, there is always exceptions to every rule. These can be households where there is mental and or physical abuse and leaving children in that type of environment is not only unsafe for the children but also the abused parent.

Although, if the household is not abusive and the marriage is breaking down because the parents believe that they have fell out of love or grown apart. I say please stop and look for help now… If not for you than for your children. Even if it seems like it’s hopeless now, but in seeking out help to save your marriage won’t just help you and your spouse but also your children.

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