Colin Family Mediation
Virginia L Colin, Ph.D.

About This Firm

Are you dealing with custody, visitation, child support, property distribution, or related issues?  As a Certified Family Mediation Specialist, I help people save time, money, and sanity while resolving such issues.  Mediation is much faster than litigation. Clients often save tens of thousands of dollars by using mediation instead of adversarial litigation. Through mediation, the parties themselves decide what to do, instead of leaving it to a stranger in a black robe to tell them how to run their restructured family. Those who have minor children also lay a foundation for constructive co-parenting. Litigation tends to turn co-parents into enemies, which does not bode well for their children. In contrast, mediation is a constructive, co-operative process. Unlike what happens in a courtroom, it is also private and confidential.

What works well for many of my clients is getting advice from separate attorneys, working with me to develop their agreement, and having their attorneys check it before they sign it.

Family mediation is often healing work. I often meet couples in which one or both parties are very angry or distressed — so much so that they have a very difficult time talking with each other about the issues they need to resolve. My participation makes it possible for them to speak up about the things that matter to each of them, hear what the other party cares about and why, and make decisions that are acceptable to both parties. Conflicts get resolved. People take steps toward moving on with their lives.

Sometimes, during or after mediation, I refer clients to other sources of help dealing with the emotional roller coaster that is often part of the process of divorcing. Many communities have very good support groups and divorce recovery classes available.