Child Custody- What it is and What it Involves

One of foremost and major issues to be concerned with during the process of a divorce is that of child custody. Sometimes referred to now as ‘residing’, child custody is simply the general umbrella term for all issues regarding the child’s welfare, health, education and overall upbringing.

Child Custody and your Children

Of course, our children are an extremely sensitive subject. It’s hard to come to terms and compromises with anyone about the handling of our children. There is very little in life that compares with having to sort out with another human being how a person wants their own offspring to be handled and treated, let alone to go through this with an individual that you are breaking ties with and separating from.

Again, proceed with caution when working these things out. Child custody issues and battles are among some of the most brutal and dirty court wars you’ll find. Often parents will engage in digging up whatever dirt they can find about the other, to have the court rule in their favor.

Child Custody- The Long Term Impacts

With all of these things, take into account what long term effect this will have on the child/children. The way you choose to duke it out with your spouse will set a precedent and an irreversible memory in the child’s life of how these things go. Be as peaceable as you can possibly be. Look for help and support when you feel your emotions getting out of control.

Child Custody : Joint, Shared or Sole

Possible child custody outcomes range from joint, or shared custody, giving the parents equal access and rights to the child, all the way to the much more extreme case of of sole physical custody. This is the case, typically, when there has been abuse or true physical danger of some sort, and one parent is then taken completely out of the picture.

The courts will be the ultimate decision maker in all of these issues.

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